The June 2016 Hansen Cab Challenge

June 2016 bottles

The Hansen Cab Challenge participating bottles

 The June 2016 Hansen Cab Challenge was the 25th of June, 2016. We compared 2012 Cabernets. From Napa we had Mondavi Reserve, BV Georges de Latour, Moone Tsai Howell Mountain, and Frank Family Cabernets. From Paso Robles there was a Daou Estate Soul of a Lion, a Le Cuvier, as well as the Hansen Vineyards Estate and Vintners Private Selection Cabernets.

Certainly good fun was had by all, and we all learned tasting and winemaking tidbits and lore from Bruce. The final score was made by counting first place votes only and was: 6 for the 2012 Hansen Vineyards Estate Cabernet, 5 for the 2012 Mondavi Reserve Cabernet, 2 for the Hansen Vineyards Vintners Private Selection and 2 for the Le Cuvier also from Paso. Seems to me Paso, well, Hansen Vineyards, wins.



june 2016 final score

The June 2016 Hansen Cab Challenge Final Score


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