2013 Barrel Select

2013 Est Barrel Cab The 2013 Barrel Select Cabernet Sauvignon is the exception to the rule when it comes to Bruce’s wine making theory. He typically ages his wines for 3-4 years and in the fall of 2014 when he was checking his other wines he was getting ready to bottle, he would sample the 2013 barrels to make sure everything was going the way he wanted. The more he tried it, the more he liked it and once he started offering it during barrel tastings, he had to bottle it because everyone fell in love! This wine is the exception to the rule because it was only in the barrels for 1 1/2 years, yet it pours like a much more mature wine with such soft and subtle tannins, bright cherry, blackberry and raspberry flavors, and a long-lasting finish that goes on for days. This is the perfect wine to just sit and drink at the end of your day to relax. This is the only wine that Bruce is suggesting to lay down for about a year to try it at its peak. However, it is very drinkable right now.
Alcohol: 14.7%

$81.00 Retail
$60.75 | $52.65 Wine Club

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