2012 Vintner’s Private Selection

2012 Private Select Cab The 2012 Vintner’s Private Selection is a wonderfully elegant wine full of lighter tannins and velvety fruit flavors. With the crop yield very high in 2012, Bruce was able to produce a large amount of wine in 2012. In order to avoid so many cases of the same vintage, he selected 12 barrels of wine, but added in a couple of Bulgarian oak barrels to add another flavor which married very nicely with the French oak. In the final stages of the aging process, Bruce added oak sticks to the barrels to add an additional layer of flavor and tannins across the mid palate without adding an overpowering oakiness to the wine. This wine is absolutely wonderful to pair with food or drink by itself since the tannins are soft with a smooth finish.
Alcohol: 14.6%

$96.50 Retail
$72.37 | $62.72 Wine Club

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